Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This works comes as united creation of three acts. Each of them reflects different prospect into the stellar fields. From Macro to Micro cosmos. Terralienus brings forth the visions fluxus of the Universe from it's birth to it's cold death. A track is more of dark ambient and melodic character this time. Still one can hear low droning pulse underneath where lots of fluctuations runs along as it expands into infinity until oblivion will devour everything that exists. Surdr offers unnerving low frequency ambient. The name of the track might appear deceitful. Yes, it shines but that light is cold, alien and brings only the visions of desolation and solitude like being a prisoner in another world. Another planet. Seagull Overseas appears the most dramatic of the three. The soundscapes are ridden with sadness and longing. The vibe strongly resembles moods of Solaris but this is a travel as if the listener leaves Solar boundaries and is carried away deeper into the ocean of mute darkness.


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Labai gerai!