Sunday, September 23, 2007


Dark Ambient/Drone/Experimental projektas SEAGULL OVERSEAS, jau internete. Šį minimalistinį puslapį galima aplankyti čia

Ne už ilgo turi išeiti SEAGULL OVERSEAS / HAEIRESIS split albumas. Šis darbas veikiausiai bus patikėtas leiblui PERINEUM productions.

Aplankykite HAEIRESIS ir PERINEUM interneto svetaines.


Leiblas Fecal Nazi Shapeshifter išleidžia SHITCORE TITANS 4 way split'o vol2.: "TITCORE SHITANS". Grupės MAFIA VS. NINJA / DIRTY SANCHEZ / POLITICAL NECROSHEMALEBOB / BATTLEFIELD GOREZUM grįžta kartu su dar šūdinesniu užtaisu.
Cituoju leiblą:
"Ever wondered what it feels like to eat 10kg of pansies and seal one's rectum shut? Having to defecate orally, with vomit eruptions prettier than a sight of your grandmother masturbating with her pushchair? MAFIA VS NINJA, DIRTY SANCHEZ and POLITICAL NECROSHEMALEBOB are all one man computer-molesting bands destined to bring rave'n'faeces scene back to life and pulverize all your records collection, one by one; while BATTLEFIELD GOREZUM does tiny blasting little noisecores till it turns into a pile of absolute horseshit, just the way you like it. 1 hour and three minutes, 93 tracks, with such guest appearances as DISFORIJA and STAGNACIJA, to miss this album you have to be a totally pizzafaced retard (winkwink (you already are)).

Comes with 8 color pages full of the most stomach-challenging f-artwork, that will odorlessly kill all parasitic relatives in your house and hopefully cause an earthquake under Chernobyl's sarcofago in the upcoming few months."

Viską Atsisiūsti galima iš čia