Monday, March 1, 2010


VxRx "Aš esu meilė" [klaustr0signal, 2009]
-Power electronics / Noise-

(zip mp3 65mb)

1) Į kalėjimą
2) Buitinis pragaras
3) Meniška siela
4) Vilkelis
5) Intarpas
6) Tu
7) Skandintoja
8) Žmogysta
9) BYBlija
10) Aš esu meilė


klaustr0signal Cdr Promo review:
Comes in plastic bag.We should translate name of album as "I'm the love".I'd like to call it the only and the best power electronics album in baltic countries in period of time.

It's the first full length,phisically released album of VR.
VR gives 10 tracks of power electronics/death industrial + A4 insert with texts in Lithuanian & English.
In this album he is talking about casual life themes.Interpretates them in his own way filled with gore and filth.And the most violent weapon here is dirty sarcasm.It can be seen in names of records in texts,everywhere.Finally you catch yourself in sickening mood.